Our Mission

    As a community of students and educators, our mission is to emerge as trailblazers within our school environments. We are committed to advocating for innovation in education and striving to challenge the status quo. Leveraging support from our community, we refine our skills and create opportunities for networking, advocacy, and beyond. At Students for Innovation, our core objective is to nurture students’ passion for advocacy and educational technology, empowering them to create the changes they wish to see. Our comprehensive approach prioritizes student assistance, teacher support, and tangible progress, recognizing the vital significance of each aspect.

    Our Team

    Alana Winnick



    Student President


    AI Project Manager


    Video Editor


    Communications Manager


    What is the difference between "getting started" or "joining the team"?

    These are the two different options offered. You can either work to open a chapter at your school (get started) or work on the organization itself.

    For the second oppertunity, you will need to apply.

    How do I join your team?

    Join our team and contribute to the larger organization, such as creating blog posts, multimedia presentations, social media content, outreach, and more! Click here to apply.

    How do I contact you?

    Contact us at info@studentsforinnovation.org for any inquires you may have

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